Day 3

MøllrhusWhadyaknow! I woke up to sunshine this morning! You remember? Sun in the sky coloring the landscape nicely. This made the ride today especially pleasant, going from Namskogan to Nordland and the tourist center at Saltdal. Sad memories from this place, though. Last time I was here the camping site was full of police and military personell. Helicopters in the air.
A bus with Russian tourists had made a stop up oin the mountains. A young girl, traveling with her grandmother had gone down to the river to fill her water bottle. She slipped and fell into the white waters, the river was going wild at te time. The search was going on down in the valley below. Nobody expected to find the girl alive. I took part in  the search, walking along the river near the camping site. They found her dead several days later, where the river reached the fjord.
I found this scenery with the small mill somewhere along the road. This time I managed to stop a bit passe the mill, and tun back. I have found it very difficult to photograph along the road. Often there are cars behind you, and it would be dangerous to stop.
I stopped at the tourist center t the Polar Circle for a meal. Disaster! Reindeer cutting with sauce is normally very good, this was tasteless and expensive. My advice: stay away from dinner there.A coffee and piece of cake is much to prefer.

I now have only a short drive to Bodø, where I shall meet Simen when his flight is due around noon tomorrow. Then we will leave on the ferry in the afternoon.I am looking forward to spending some time with my younger son.

4 Comments on “Day 3

  1. Cool photo. I think you can afford to put more than one photo each day. I know you take many beautiful shots.

    • OK, Dallas. But the thing is, when I am on the road I don’t take many photos, I almost only stop to get fuel. But for you, a couple more.

  2. Flott bilde og godt å skjønne at turen videre har gått greit.Ha det fint begge to ute på Røst.

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