Day 2

sparkI did not sleep as well in Alvdal as I do at home. I was therefore up rather early, to a thoroughly grey day! But I had to move on, so I was on the road half past eight. And very soon something happened. I had just photographed the Worlds Largest “Sparkstøtting” in the community of Tynset and was heading towards the main road when a duck with her 7-8 duckling decided to cross the road just in front of me. I hit the brakes, skidded along and saw the whole family disappear from my view. I saw some running like wild down towards a tiny river, and I backed up carefully. No dead ducklings! I was so happy. Starting the day as a baby killer would have been really bad. And I was impressed by the small creatures and the speed they made!
Dallas: You have to help me with the word Sparkstøtting!
The sparkstøtting, meaning something like kick and support yourself. Is very common in the countryside in winters. It is for use on snow or ice, you stand on one of the two steel rails and kick in the snow to move. And it is possible to move fast! The seat is for your beloved, or may be the groceries you just bought in the shop. The normal size bench under this creation gives you an idea about the size.
gårdiregnThe other image shows a farm in the rain. Very green, though.

3 Comments on “Day 2

  1. Well, my old Norwegian-English dictionary (ca. 1950s) translates sparkstøtting as “Swedish pedomotive sleigh.” First time I’ve ever seen the word “pedomotive”! I think we used to call them “chair sleds.”

    • Thank you, Dallas. But Swedish? Well, that may be, but we have the biggest one! Hurra! Ja, vi elsker osv

      • I suggest we rename it Ice scooter or Snow scooter!

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