A new lens set-up for my camera

21mmI really like and enjoy my Fuji X-E1, a small leicalook hybrid camera. Before I bought it I had in mind to move from the zooms I had for my Olympus E-5 and use primarily primes (!). So for a few months now I have used only the 18mm (27mm) and the celebrated 35mm (53mm), two very good lenses. I had expected to include the 56mm, but Fuji now informed us that this lens will be delayed till 2014. At my age, one does not like delays. I need a short tele lens.
So I sold my two lenses, they were out of my hands in two days, and ordered the 18-55 zoom, a lens that has already become popular. So much for not having zooms! Since I find 27mm to be a bit long for a wide lens (I always favoured the 24mm length), I bought the 14mm (21mm) today, and had to test it right away. I took a couple of snapshots just outside the photo shop, here is one of the. I think this will be a classic lens!


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