Hard training

DSCF0760I am rather tired of all the sand that my cat, Shumshu, drags around the apartment after having visited his toilet. Or should I say, his box with sand. So I decided to try and train him to use our normal toilet. We have a program and a box of equipment for this venture. We have come some way in the program, but when he did not do anything in his toilet for a couple of days, we had to move one step backwards. That helped.
This image is taken in another situation, relaxing. When I got Shumshu I bought all kind of things for him, among them a bed. Later I learned that he would sleep or lie down almost anywhere. He loves the floor in our bathroom, since the tiles are heated by cables. In this image he rests on the new sofa.


2 Comments on “Hard training

  1. Give us a photo of Shumsu during his toilet training. Please!

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