Out with the MGB GT today

MGB GT marsI washed my car yesterday, and had to take it out in the sunshine today. I very much enjoy this coupe, and with the Webasto roof open, it almost feels like a roadster. I almost can’t wait to start on my trip to the north. However, that is still three months ahead. The big question is, should I keep the TD? If I decide to part with it, I don’t think that will be here in Norway. It seems the market for a 1953 MG TD is very small in this country. I would think I would get a better price in England or Germany. Three of this kind were sold here last year, all at prices just above 100.000 kroner (appr. US $ 17000). I paid 200.000 kroner for mine four years back, plus tax 50.000.
But I don’t have to make a decision yet.
Here is the GT outside the office of the MG service. I had to approve of the new seat covers for the backseat today, to check out the colour of the back seat compared to the already mounted front seats. So maybe in a week or so, the new steering wheel and the seat cover in the back will round off the upgrade of the interior.
The question now will be, which car do I take to the opening day of the MG Club here in Oslo? Since everybody knows the TD, I guess my choice will be the GT…
By the way, I took Shumshu along, hoping that he is getting used to trips in the car. I took him in the carrying bag this time, and I think he was more relaxed inside a known surrounding. Perhaps one day he may even look forward to a ride, like he now very much wants to go outside, when in the beginning he fought against it,


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