Ann Cleeves books will be produced for TV

CleeveI really enjoy the books by Ann Cleeves where the plots take place in Shetland. I have read them all, and I have just started on her latest one, Dead Water. I have visited Shetland many times, and I am familiar with so many of the places she includes in her books. If you take a closer look at the front page of this book, you will see, in the red circle, Shetland – Now a Major BBC Drama. That is something I am really looking forward to! Do you hear me, NRK, we want this on Norwegian TV!

4 Comments on “Ann Cleeves books will be produced for TV

  1. Go to Amazon and buy the DVDs. We have got them all! They are not quite as good as the books, but very enjoyable!

  2. I really hope so! Have you read this book yet? I have been smiling through every page till now, with a regatta at St. Ninians, shopping in a food store near Clickimin, a girl from Fetlar, a detective from Uist and so on.

  3. wow, that is exciting. Surely they’ll show it in Norway – there are so many ties between Norway and Shetland!

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