Another step forward for the car

MGB GT nyeseterYesterday evening we finished putting in the front seats with new covers. Colour: biscuit, material: leather.
And the new gear knob is now in! When I first drove the car, the knob came off! It had not been fastened, something I did this this morning. Today the car was delivered to Christoffersen og Bekken to have the back brakes repaired. We discovered a leak from one of the back wheels, and there was no brake fluid there. I therefore bought a full set for the rear brakes to be replaced.  There were so many parts that I cannot understand how the workshop can deal with all of it. I put the manual in the car so they can check if they need to. I am so impressed by what these car mechanics know and can do. An area in my life not covered at all. (I know a thing or two about other things, though).

The colour  is a bit darker than in this photo. What do you think? Next step is a new steering wheel (is ordered) and back “seat” cover in the same colour, but in cheaper vinyl. No-one will ever sit there anyway…


6 Comments on “Another step forward for the car

  1. Dette både høres og ser dyrt ut; Raymond… Har du vunnet i Lotto…?

  2. Det blir flott! Fint å få en kontrast til den mørke blå fargen utvendig istedenfor de blå setene som var der da du kjøpte bilen.

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