CISV – the children of 1951 still meet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIsn’t that amazing? The children who were together in the very first CISV village, in Cincinnati 1951, still get together! The bonds that were made those four weeks in USA sixty years ago still exist. Since the first reunion in Denmark forty years after the village, many of the originals have met several times. In France, in England, in Ireland, in Sweden, in Mexico and in Norway. In the summer of 2013 there will be a gathering in France again.
I remember well the first reunion, the one in Denmark. When I arrived at the hotel I wondered what it would be like. Would we greet each other politely like adults do? When I was checking in at the desk, someone was looking at me from a sitting room. I immediately recognized Nancy from Cincinnati. And when I got in there, there were no stiff hellos, instead we were smiling, crying and hugging. After 40 years! Unbelievable. Fantastic!
The image is from the meeting in Sweden 2004, and shows Ingvild from Norway and Ann from England having a nice time.


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