The first Krekke CISVers

krekke62Yesterday this photo popped in by email. It was sent by Liv Krekke Kaada, a daughter of Bjarne and Johanne Krekke, the owners of Krekke seter when we started to visit. Liv served during some of the Easter meetings we had there, and later she joined CISV by attending the reunion in Lofoten several years later.
The picture shows most of the participants at the very first CISV gathering at Krekke seter, in the summer of 1962. This was an official CISV reunion camp.
In this picure we can see, from left to right, myself, Waltraud Gossner, Austria, Marie Matthews, USA, Hjørdis Christiansen, a regular guest at the seter i summers, Bill Matthews, USA, Gustav Schildt, Finland, Mette Brudevold, Norway, Yvonne Ahlquist, Finland, Lasse Bengtzelius, Sweden, Maria Christina Rolz, Costa Rica/USA, Vicky Pelaez, Venezuela and Anu Tanner, Finland. For some reason, Ketil Lehland, Ole Buch, Denmark, Timo Kuusisaari and his girlfriend, Kaarina were not present when the photo was taken. Arne Nesje and his wife, Gjøa, were there as chaperones.
Someone wrote a song about us during our stay. Here it is (I think you can guess which melody):

In Krekke Seter, above Fåvang
lies our re-reunion.
We have rains and we have cold winds
and we seldom see the sun.

From eight countries, we have come here
to be together for a while,
we are walking, we are playing
You can always see a smile.

Biggest boss in camp is Raymond
and beside him Arne tall.
Ketil is the one who speaks most
Timo and Kati not at all.

Bill likes Marie, Yvonne likes program,
Ole is our card game king.
No one likes the “Rich and Poor” book
Cris and Vicky like to sing.

Mette is the greates smoker
little Anu does not like that
Lasse, Gustav are the camp-twins
Waldi sinks and likes to chat.

In Krekke Seter, above Fåvang
lies our re-reunion.
We discuss and we have sing-songs
and inside is always sun!


2 Comments on “The first Krekke CISVers

  1. What a good-looking group! (Well, maybe one of them lags a bit, but he became much more distinguished-looking as he got older.)

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