Feeding birds in my backyard

DSCF0543wAt the annual meeting of the house I live in, it was decided that we were not any longer allowed to feed the birds in our backyard area. Some had been scared by rats they saw feeding on the ground in the bushes were some of us were feeding birds. However, we could feed them over our private balconies.
So that is what I do this winter. And my cat, Shumshu, loves to watch them so close. But someone is still feeding them out in the garden area. Probably someone who did not attend the meeting…
Anyway, while waiting for a longer lens or my new camera, the Fuji X-E1, I tried out a bird photo at my feeder today with a normal lens, a 52mm equal lens. Before I travel to Røst for the Puffin Festival in June, I hope Fuji has something longer, like the announced 56mm (equals 85 mm in 135).

4 Comments on “Feeding birds in my backyard

  1. Nice shot! And how do you find the camera? I’ve been considering this one, but am a bit vary after trying out the X-100 last fall. Felt a bit slow? Any chance you will write a review?

    • I just love this camera! But, as you say, it is a bit slow. Also, I wish it had image stabilizing, especially when I get longer lenses. There are so many reviews out there that I will not write one. In the last edition og the Swedish magazine “Fotosidan”, however, there is a review that I find very correct. I siste nummer av Fotografi har de også en omtale, den ar jeg ikke fått lest ennå siden jeg akkurat kjøpte det.

  2. Wow! You don’t need all that facy equipment, Raymond.

  3. Flott bilde av gråspurv Raymond!
    Et skikkelig blinkskudd ville det vært om du hadde fått knipset den inn mot forautomaten gjennom åpningen der og med fortegning av vingene i selve automaten……………du får prøve på det.

    Mvh.Ketil W.

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