Searching for a style

britishI do not know why, but I seem to be looking in the direction of Britain for different style elements. I mean, I am now driving two old British cars, the MG TD and the MGB GT. They are from 1953 and 1973. So nostalgia it is. But I am an old man now, so this is not a fashion blog for young people. But I am still looking around for things I like.
Yesterday I found a knitted jacket, a sweater with buttons, in a style that I often enjoy in British TV series. I was looking for a knitted vest, but found only this. It was made in Norway, and even had elbow patches. In the same shop I also got a shirt that I often see British men wearing.
During my frequent visits to Scotland and the Scottish islands I have purchased woolen ties that will go with these new garments and my Harris Tweed jackets. ((Not that I often wear ties).


3 Comments on “Searching for a style

  1. Fin jakke! Hyggelig at den var norsk, til og med.

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