DSCF0530wI think the English word for this heavy woolen material is frieze. The Scottish name, indicating the close relationship between Scotland and Norway, is wadmal.
Clothes of vadmel was mostly used by the farmers and you can still find it in some of the national costumes. The farmers took the wool from their sheep and made the material themselves. Very thick, rather heavy, but warm in the cold, Scandinavian winters. The last group of people using vadmel was probably the military.
I remembered the material from my youth, not that I used it myself, though. I started looking for trousers made of vadmel this cold winter. I started at a mens shop, asking two young employees. They had never heard the word! It confirmed what I have said for many years now, young people may be intelligent, but they have not yet absorbed knowledge over a long time to know as much as older people! Luckily, a more experienced person in the same shop of course knew what I was talking about, but they did not have anything made of vadmel.
Off I went to a military surplus shop in Oslo, and there I found several items made from vadmel. I bought these pair of trousers, used by the Swedish army years back.
They are warm – and I really like the color…


4 Comments on “Vadmel

  1. Svenska: vadmal. I have a jacket quite new made from vadmal from Hälsningland.

    • The one in Storgata, cross the street to the right from Gunerius Pettersen. They did not have many. But there are other army shops in Oslo.

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