Searching for old documents

dok320wI am searching for a couple of old documents these days. One is a drawing I made just after the war, the other is one made by my son, Martin, once he was very angry at his parents. I am still looking.
But what happens is that you find old paper that is not what you look for. So maybe the tactics should be to look for something else that what really want to find, and see if the right ones pop up.
Anyway, in the attic today, this newspaper clip suddenly appeared. It is from the finals of 110 meters hurdles in the national championships for high schools. As you can see, I was fourth in the heat of six, a great surprise both for my teacher and myself. My teacher had predicted that (not very pedagogically) that I would be out of the game before the finals. The winner of the final, Øivin Nordborg, later was running for the Norwegian National Athtletics Team. And I? I began playing volleyball!
This athletics championship took place in Stavanger 1957.


10 Comments on “Searching for old documents

  1. Your search teory is right; look for something else!

  2. Sidsel og jeg var også der. Vi løp 60 m stafett. Husker ikke hvor vi havnet (kanskje Sidsel gjør), men vi gjorde det ikke så værst selv mot de gode jentene, for alle måtte løpe uten piggsko. Det hadde jo ikke vi jentene på Østkanten likevel.

  3. Kul bild men inte samma kvalitet som på dina egna! Är det verkligen du?? 🙂

    • Det spørsmålet har jeg stilt meg også! Og jeg er ikke sikker. Jeg vet at de to første er korrekte, men ikke sikker på de to siste her.

  4. Visste ikke at Norge gikk glipp av en kommende stjerne på 110m hekk…..da du begynte med volleyball; Raymond.

    • Jeg hadde nok aldri noen muligheter her, jeg var ikke rask nok. Hekkepasseringene var relativt ok.

  5. I was also there in 1957. Swimming freestyle and breaststroke without overwhelming success. By the way, 14.6 was a very good result. The Norwegian record in 110 m hurdles is still only about a second lower (13.55).

    • But we did not run full height hurdles, so the times can not be compared to the senior times.

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