Winter in Røst

rt318wMaybe some of you, summer holiday travelers, wonder what winter is like on the island of Røst in winter. In summer, the sun, at least for some months, does not set at all. We call it the Midnight Sun.
The opposite happens in winter. For some weeks the sun never gets above the horizon at all. So, is it pitch-dark, then? Fortunately, it is not. Even on the darkest days, the sky will lighten up. This picture is not taken in the darkest of days, but it still gives you an impression of how winter may be on an island north of the Polar Circle. As you see, it is not that cold either, since sheep are outdoors. The Gulf Stream keeps the temperature higher here in the ocean than most place in inland Norway.

One Comment on “Winter in Røst

  1. Woinderful photo. The color of the sky and the sheep pressing against each other show how cold it is. I wondered how dark it get in Røst in the winter.

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