Can lights in the ceiling be “cozy”?

DSCF0485wI don’t think so. But   the ceiling is good. My American friend, Dallas, who remember my opinion in this matter, sent me an article by Maggie Koerth-Baker in New York Times called What does it mean to be comfortable from which I cite:

“Koselighet also concerns the quality of light. The Norwegians that Wilhite interviewed told him that ceiling lights felt cold. Not one subject used them in the living room, where instead they had incandescent table and floor lamps to create little golden pools throughout the room. On average, Oslo living rooms had 9.6 light bulbs. Meanwhile, in Fukuoka, the living rooms had an average of only 2.5 light bulbs, mostly more energy-efficient fluorescents fitted into the ceiling. There, people prized visibility, and the color of the fluorescent light had no temperature connotation at all”.

It is of course coincident that this article came to my hands just when I took an image of a neighboring apartment building to show that almost everybody there uses lights in the ceiling. I really dislike rooms with the only light source in the ceiling! In my home I have several lamps in my sitting area, all placed low.
But anyway, here is an image of the neighbors lighting.


5 Comments on “Can lights in the ceiling be “cozy”?

    • I don’t agree, even if there is something in that statement. But being indoor in a cold room, unattractively furnished with bag lighting, it is much more difficult to create a nice and cozy atmosphere.

  1. We just installed light all around the living room that spread their light on our paintings – very successful, you should come and have a look, use your new car when the snow has melted!

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