A blinking cat

It is interesting to follow Shumshu and learn to communicate with him. We have a lot of rituals, and he is watching my body language and reacting to it. So, when he is relaxing and I am talking to him in a soothing way, he will blink very slowly. I respond by saying, in Norwegian (he does not  undersjan13tand English yet), oh, what a relaxed and nice cat, and he repeats the slow blink. I caught one of these moments in this image.


5 Comments on “A blinking cat

  1. Det är jag Marianne som är anonymous, ett eller annat missade jag.

  2. Samma matta som vi har . Älskar den! Skulle önska vi hade en lika vacker katt också!

  3. You could also respond like cats do when they want to be friendly, by looking away, and when you return to look at him almost close your eyes (myse).

  4. Nice image. When I went back to Norway in 1964, my landlord had a border collie who reacted the same way when the landlord repeated over and over in a soft, loving voice: ja, du er en heldig gris, du. I thought it was charming, and the image has stuck with me all these years.

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