Wreck in Røst

rt237wI promised my friend in Sweden, Kimmy, more images from Røst and Lofoten. She seems to enjoy these islands and pictures from them. In a facebookgroup about Røst, I put out historic images every day. The image there is one of those in FB today.
I like old wrecks. They tell a story, new boats are like young humans, they may be nice and clean, but have no experience, they do not carry the marks from storms and hard work. Old boats like this one don’t make me sad. If I listen hard, I can hear the engine out in the seas. Helping a fisherman earn his daily income. Bringing him safely home most of the time. They are allowed to look  tired. I see the beauty in them.


2 Comments on “Wreck in Røst

  1. Thank you! Was this the one you suggested we bought together!? 🙂

    • Oh no, that one belonged in Mølnarodden I believe. That was in full working order, and still they were going to get rid of it by sinking it.

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