Fishing season just ahead

rt230wThis is an old picture from Røst. You can see that because of two facts. First is, at this time of the year, just before the main season starts in a short time, secondly because these tall drying racks do not exist any more.
The Lofoten fishing is the largest in Norway, fishing on the great cods coming south to spawn on the banks around Lofoten. The fish will be landed in different places in the islands, one of the main ports being the island of Røst.
As to the racks that don’t exist any more, this is for practical reasons. You can just figure how many men it took to get the fish up to the top. Today, the racks are horisontally built. The tractor take the fish under the rack, and and couple of men hang the fish up.
When the fish is dry, it will be sorted by quality and sent several markets, the main one is Italy.


2 Comments on “Fishing season just ahead

  1. Interesting! Happy New Year my new years wish is more Lofoten pictures!

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