Me and my new car

MGRWwSimen celebrated Christmas in my home yesterday, and naturally I had to show him my “new” car. He liked it very much. He took this picture with hiss cellphone. The light in my garage is not bright, but he did well with this image, I think.


8 Comments on “Me and my new car

  1. Vilken tjusig herre
    med bil snygg värre
    Grattis till åket
    aldrig mer tråkigt


  2. Fin bil Raymond! Tar du den med til Domus på cupfinaledagen slik at man kan få ta en titt? Ønsker deg en fortsatt god jul og et godt nytt år!

  3. The photo is technically brilliant (compliments to Simen), but it raises the question voiced by Jarl and SGR–how the heck do you get into it? Surely, it is uncomfortably small for you.

    • It is not small inside, except for one thing. I use the right foot on two pedals, as you know, and I hve some problems lifting the foot since the thigh hits the steering wheel. On my TD I can push the wheel inwards and lift it. On this 20 years newer car, you can do neither. So I am planning to get a smaller steering wheel. Otherwise, it is fine. I think the lens on Simens camera is lying a bit, since I look so big at the front of the car.

  4. Flott, Raymond, men hvordan kommer du inn i den? Hilsen Jarl.

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