Black and white from Røst

I am showing one new image almost every day on a FB group called Røst. Maybe some of them could be of some interest for you here also. So here is an image taken when I lived there in the beginning of the seventies. I would think this building is gone by now. I hope that somebody in Røst would take an interest in gathering these old pictures in an archive, but I have had no interest for that yet.rt200w


5 Comments on “Black and white from Røst

  1. Det är ju ett riktigt timmer hus!? Varifrån tog man detta timmer? Var Röst någonsin trädbevuxet??

  2. P.S. I LOVE this B&W, by the way… it’s haunting! L

    • Thank you, and I must say I agree with you. The darkish sky and the white snow make a good setting for the house. I have many black-and-white images that I have never copied, so maybe I shall take a deeper look into them.

  3. That would seem to be a wonderful project for a student in Rost, or even perhaps a “class project”. Do you know anyone still connected with the schools? Linda

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