Oslo today

151212Winter has arrived. Snow ha come to Oslo in time for Christmas. It would have looked good, too, if not for all the salt they pour into the streets. If my car had arrived, I would not have taken it out today. The old cars especially, do not like salt. When I was a boy, we would have been taking our toboggans with steering wheels very soon, when the cars had packed the snow hard. Now, the snow will be gone. Sad.
The image: Hegdehaugsveien today, after a visit to the post office with a book parcel for Texas.


3 Comments on “Oslo today

  1. Hey, be careful crossing the street, Raymond! (Especially when there are taxis nearby.)

  2. And finally Hegdehaugsveien is not a Construction Place any more as it has been for more than seven months 🙂

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