Oil field

kyst180wI took this image on the crossing from Norway to Newcastle one year. What annoys me, is that there is no ship connection between Norway, or Sweden, to England any more. For those of us who like to bring our own car, this was a very convenient way to get to Northern England, Scotland and the Scottish Isles. I am almost certain that this is a hindrance for many Scsndinavians to travel til Scotland. We also had a connection from Bergen to Shetland that now is not there any longer…


2 Comments on “Oil field

  1. I’m so distressed to learn that there is no boat crossing any more… I’m sure that is very inconvenient for those wanting to take their cars with them. I made that crossing… from Bergin to Scotland in the early 1960s. We spent the night on board, and it was a rough crossing. L

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