Stornoway – the capital of Outer Hebrides










Well, may be no capital, but the largest town anyway. And it plays a role in the book The Blackhouse by Peter May. For a week or so I will show some of my photos from the Outer Hebrides, where this well-written book takes place. Today, Stornoway, and this is how May describes it:

Stornoway had never been the prettiest of towns, and it hadn’t improved.

I can concede. And it seems to be going the wrong way, the boats full of rust and buildings not taken well care of. The image here is from one of my early visits, showing the boats in good condition. But take a look here, the boats photographed when I visited in 2010. The main street image was also taken on my recent visit.


3 Comments on “Stornoway – the capital of Outer Hebrides

  1. Your current series of phots is filling me with nostalgia and a desire to pack my bags and head back! Even Stornoway, dreary though it was las time we were there, is surrounded by fascinating countryside and people.

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