Winter sky at Røst


Lying open in the ocean, with no mountains to take away the view, the skies sometimes get very dramatic here in this island north of the Polar Circle. I noticed the same in the skies of the German painter Emil Nolde, who also lived in an open landscape. And I remember some fantastic winter nights at Røst with Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, all over the sky.
The tower on the right is a copy of the church tower that once was moved by a storm to settle there. It became a landmark used by fishermen, and when the original tower fell apart, they rebuilt it because of the new role it played in the daily life at Røst and the surrounding waters.


2 Comments on “Winter sky at Røst

  1. Vakkert og stemningsfullt. Så liknende i Lofoten. Det blir sjelden slike himler her sør.

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