Old cameras 10

This may be the last post in the series of old cameras. I have had over twenty different cameras from the Kodak Baby Brownie I bought in 1951 til today. I went digital in 2003, and I have now just ordered a Fuji X-E1, and hope to get it in late October early November.
I told you I went Canon in 1976 with the AE-1. After that I had the T-70 and the wonderfully designed T-90. Next was the Canon F1 and after that the Canon New F1. Then Canon started a new series of cameras that is still going strong today, the EOS. I got the first one, the EOS 1, and I have kept it in my collection. It is a filmbased camera. I followed up all the way to Canon EOS 1V, a very good camera for beach volleyball. But it took too much time with film developing and since I had to deliver images fast to the FIVB media person in Stavanger during the World Tour events, it was more practical to go digital. That is when I changed make once more, to Olympus.


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