Old cameras 9

At the Olympic Games in Montreal 1976 I used my Nikkormat. Since Nikon was the photo sponsor, one could borrow Nikon lenses at their centre, as well as having films developed for free and have gear repaired when necessary. The photographers were also invited to all kind of meetings, like one to a Canon presentation. A sales representative showed us their latest product, a camera with some electronics, the AE-1. My Norwegian friend and I were very interested, and were the two last persons at the meeting. The Canon man then asked us where we came from, he cried out when we said Norway. He told us, he was Norwegian, too! Working for Canon in the US. He invited us for dinner that evening, but the condition was that we had to bring a professional Norwegian photographer also. We chose a veteran photographer from the VG newspaper. I guess that paid off, since this photographer later converted from Nikon to Canon. So did I.
A little story from the Nikon repair shop. They had had problems with a reporters camera, and finally had to take it completely apart. That was a lot of parts! The elderly, Japanese Nikon person leaned over the shoulder of the repair guy, looked over all the parts, pointed at one and said “change”. They did, and the camera worked!”
(I had liked the soft release so well on my Nikkormat that I got one for my Canon as well).


One Comment on “Old cameras 9

  1. My first “real” camera was a Canon AE-1. I LOVED it. It was stollen, and I replaced it with a Canon EF, which I still have… but never liked as much as my first one. Now, all I use is digital, but I got some good shots with those old SLRs. Linda

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