Old cameras 8

Now I have come to my own retired cameras. I once had a Praktica with a Primotar lens. This was my first SLR. The photographer who helped me get a good price, warned me about this lens, “not being very good”. I did not have too much money at the time, so I got it anyway. A few years later when I and a friend had been photographing the same event and put the pictures on a table, I never used the Praktica any more. My friends pictures were so much better than mine, with nice contrast and very sharp. He used a Nikkormat.
So shortly after that I was heading an international youth camp (CISV) in Norway. I asked the Japanese participants to bring a Nikkormat with two lenses, a 35mm and the 105mm. This is why my camera was a “Nikomat“, the Japanese name for Nikkormat.  I had a mishap with the gear the first week! Climbing ashore from a fishing vessel, the person who received all the straps with the camera and lenses, unfortunately dropped the 105 mm in the ocean. I had to wait for low tide, then swam down to fetch it. I immediately called my photo shop in Oslo to get advice. They asked me to put the lens in running fresh water, and then pack it in a jar filled with water and send it to them. I did, and some weeks later this great lens was back on my camera.
I lived with this camera and the two lenses for many years, taking hundreds of pictures. In black and white, mostly with Tri-X. Great times. I even used it in the Olympics in Montreal 1976 with some borrowed longer lenses. Maybe my all-time favorite.
Note the nice soft release in the shutter release button, a very nice add-on.


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