Old cameras 4

As a keen photographer myself, I always hoped for a relative coming out, asking me if I would be interested in an old camera they have, and this being a Leica. It never happened. I have owned some classics, like Hasselblad, but never a Leica. But my friend has two. This first one I show you dates back to around 1950. Maybe someone can help me. I think it is a 1C, a IIIfBD or a IIfBd, but I may be wrong, and hope someone can tell me.
For many, Leica is the top of the range, the ultimate precision tool. When digital came, however, they were a bit slow, and never took a head position. But with film, they are still the old quality machines. For many photo journalists a Leica was their main tool, a camera they could trust in rough situations. The most famous Leica photographer is still Henri Cartier-Bresson, the man behind the expression “the decisive moment”. A  master.
(The black object at the bottom of the second image is just a battery I put there to make the camera stand).


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