Old cameras 1

Some time ago I visited a good friend who showed me his small camera collection. He is not a collector in the sense that he goes around buying cameras, but he has taken care of the cameras he and his family have had throughout the years. I found them so interesting that I am going to show them to you here. I will also include some of the cameras I have used myself. I have had more than twenty cameras, but most of them were sold to finance the next buy.
Here is the first camera, a Kodak Retina 1a. My scout leaders were keen photographers, and they had Retina 2b. I still remember their advice to get a camera with 2.8 as the largest aperture. The camera in the picture had “only” 3.5. When I handled this Retina today, I was amazed about the engineering behind it. They really knew how to make cameras at the time! It is a folding camera, so it does not take up much space and is a camera you could carry everywhere. An idea to take another look at today?


3 Comments on “Old cameras 1

  1. I have a similar but probably a bit older Retina that I inherited from my father in the 60’s. With that camera I learned the basics about photography.

  2. Nice camera. So the front ribbed ring sets the shutter speed, the pin at the bottom sets the aperture and focus is done via the black ring? Everything important on the lens.

    Although I believe most compact cameras are made with folding lenses, if you don’t count bridge cameras.

  3. Have one excactly like it, I’ll check if it’s a 2,8 or 3,5. Have never used it, but keep it as a “museum piece”. Nice quality seems like.

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