Shetland puffin

One of my good, old friends, living in the US, former volleyball player, Dallas Jones, is always begging for Puffin images. And I have never gotten closer to them than at Hermaness on the island of Unst in Shetland, as far north as you get in Britain. Another friend of mine, Einar Iden, and I had a long walk from my car to Hermaness one summer some years ago. I even had to back at one time creeping in the grass to get Puffin pictures, because my lens would not focuse that close! It almost stepped over my boot.
So here, Dallas, is someone looking at you…


4 Comments on “Shetland puffin

  1. Way cool! Also unusual. Most puffin photos show them in profile. I really envy you the opportunity to take such close-up pictures of my favorite bird. Tusen takk. Maybe we need to go back to Shetland 🙂

    • If Shetland is selected from the 9 suggested places for a reunion in 2014 you can come with us! I have chosen this as no 1 on my wishlist, many many others are wine-lovers and may want differently. We are voting this month, so I shall keep you updated.

  2. Da jeg var på Færøyane for mange, mange år siden (på 80-tallet, nordisk volleyballmøte) fikk jeg kjøpt 2 utstoppede lundefugler som jeg tok med hjem. Vet ikke om det var lov å “importere” slikt til Norge den gang… Vet ikke heller hvor de nå er blitt av… Kanskje de har flydd sin veg….

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