The Italian Chapel

While I am in the Orkneys and at the Churchill Barriers I have some more. When I turned in the opposite direction of the previous image of the Churchill Barriers, this is what I found, an Italian Chapel. Situated at Lamb Holm, you will find this very special building. As I stated in the other post, the British used Italian prisoners of war to build the barriers between some of the islands, to keep German submarines out of the important Scapa Flow. I get a feeling that these Italians were treated better than British POs in Germany, since they were allowed to build this chapel to be used for worship by themselves. They were given two Nissen huts, the semicircle roofed buildings used for so many purposes during the war. But among the Italians were some artists that wanted something more, and the result was a beautiful little church.
This created a strong bond between the locals and the Italians. So strong than when the chapel many years after the war needed some refurbishment, the Italians came back and did much of the work! Well, I guess many Italian tourists have come all the way to these islands north of Scotland to visit the chapel, which also is very beautiful inside.
So, if you visit Orkney, don’t miss this sacred and pretty little building that came alive during the otherwise dark times of war.


4 Comments on “The Italian Chapel

    • Thank you, Carole! You have some nice images yourself! I was very surprised to see that you had celebrated May 17th in Moss.

      • I visited friends who live there last May.Norway is beautiful. The Orkney Islands are a place I really want to visit again. I last visited when I was 11 years old. I went on month cycling trip around the islands. It was amazing!

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