The new chair

I got a new chair today. In a way, a nostalgic one. I saw these chairs in the seventies, but never had one. I liked the natural colors and the sitting comfort. It will be my reading chair. As soon as I had put them in place, Shumshu was trying it out. I just hope he will not sharpen his claws on it.
It is a chair from Svedese, the same company that makes the prizewinning Lamino. This one is called Primo and is designed by a Swede called Yngve Ekström.


3 Comments on “The new chair

  1. Vakker stol. Puser finner alltid de plassene der de tar seg best ut. De har god smak.

  2. Oh yes… I remember chairs like this. My father (the architect in Cinci) had a similar one from the mid-century, as well as a couple of Eemes (?) and some wonderful bent wood library chairs that he used for dining. He had a wood table that folds up to be about 6″ in depth, and opens into a partial or full dining table. I loved this furniture, as it was simple, utilitarian, beautifully “sculpted” as well as comfortable. My daughter “stole” it from me 10 years ago, and I don’t think I’ll ever get it back. I hope you enjoy your reading chair… if you can get Shimsu to relinquish his new favorite place. Linda

    • Linda. It is Eames and Shumshu. Very important (not) 🙂
      But if you really want some of this furniture, you can still get it…

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