Gratulerer 2!

Vi må jo ha med et bilde av Kerri Walsh også. Hun vant altså gull i sandvolleyball i London, sammen med Misty. Kerri er den blide og utadvendte av de to, hun hilste alltid på en ubetydelig figur som meg hver førstegang vi møttes i Stavanger. Flott kvinne!
På bildet blir hun intervjuet av Kjell Gunnar Dahle, presseansvarlig, under en av turneringene i Stavanger.


2 Comments on “Gratulerer 2!

  1. It’s a sport that requires a tremendous amount of athleticism and endurance (imagine jumping in the sand for two hours!). Shame, in my opinion, that it is saddled with the image of bikinis and hugging after every point. I gather the English tabloids had a field day.

  2. Of course, I can’t read your comment, but I had a “feeling” you might be watching the beach volleyball. Misty and Kerry are amazing… and it was really FUN to watch them. The Chinese girls were awfully good as well. I think I’m a convert to BV. Linda

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