Another (interesting) road

If you have a faint heart, maybe you should not sit in the drivers seat here. Many years ago, I was guide on a VIP trip in a bus (American tourists). We were on the west coast and were aiming for Oslo. One of the passengers was not very happy with steep roads and told me he was going to take a flight instead. I made him change his mind, and he was sitting closest to the aisle, looking down into the floor whenever we went up or down one of these mountain crossings.


One Comment on “Another (interesting) road

  1. How absolutely gorgeous… and heart-in-your-throat thrilling! I recall going through the Italian and Swiss Alps, in a bus driven by an Italian, as the most hair- raising experience of my (then) young life. I was sure there were times we had only two wheels on the road… and PASSING was life-threatening… something he did with wild abandon, even around blind curves. Guess we were lucky to make it home. Linda

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