Travel Story 2012 – day 9

We woke up to a cloudless day! And warm (well, 20 degrees C is not bad after  all the rain and cold).So I even lowered he front window and used only the two small Brookland racing things. Used them all day, also when with got some showers later on (I did not raise my roof, tough guy, Yeah, right…).
The roads became better and better the further south we got, so for a while there we wondered if we could cover the 840 kilometers to Oslo. But when the clock showed half past eight in the evening and we had another shower, we called it a day.We will stay this last night of our trip at Trolltun hotel high up in the mountains at the entrance to beautiful Gudbrandsdalen valley.
I was wrong about the number of ferries yesterday, there were five of them. One more today, so a total of six ferries on the way south.
The image shows todays ferry stop, waiting for the ferry to arrive. These ferry crossings are full of beautiful sceneries to be watched from the top deck.
The BMW behind my MG is my brothers, and he is the one with much grey hair and black t-shirt.


2 Comments on “Travel Story 2012 – day 9

    • No puffins on this trip! And my puffin pictures are on my computer at home. Sorry…

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