Travel Story 2012 – Day 8

The skies were a bit dark when we started southwards from Ørnes, so I took no risks and put the roof up. We continued on the Coastal Road, interrupted by the many ferries, I think four of them today, one left for tomorrow. We are staying at a motel south of Brønnøysund, and after a meal I think I may fall asleep.
We started at a quarter past nine this morning and arrived here at around eight o’clock. The road we came down today is very curvy, so it takes longer than the road we came up. At some of the ferries we had to wait for the boat to arrive.  Also several tunnels, one was 6800 meters long, this is the one under the glacier Svartisen, which you can see from another side in todays image. (Sorry about the boat).Notice how the glacier has retreated…
The sun came out, and the roof went down!


5 Comments on “Travel Story 2012 – Day 8

  1. Great stuff from the same era, I mean the glacier and the car!

  2. Liz said to tell you that you would have had a really beautiful photo of the glacier and the lake and the cute little boat if it weren’t for that big white car in the foreground.

  3. What an amazing locale! What an amazing photo! I just love “traveling” with you, Raymond. Many thanks, Linda

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