Travel Story 2012 – Day 7

Rain the whole day. Todays main goal was to get a space on the ferry back to Bodø. I took the car down in the line at the ferry port, but several people had done that the previous evening. Having a car that cannot be locked, I did not feel like doing that. But I got on the MS Røst and had a very calm crossing.
I entered a conversation with two people a little older than myself, they used to live at Røst some years back. We were, among other things, talking about how people in places like this had ways to harvest food from the nature, it being fish, puffins or bird eggs. I told them about the people of St. Kilda (an island in the ocean west of the Outer Hebrides) and how they gathered eggs, especially from gannets, and stored them for months in small cairns above the village they lived in. They would consume at any time during the following winter.
The person I talked to told me they did the same at Røst, only they put them in dry sand in the cellar and covered then in more sand. Picked in summer, used for baking around Christmas.
But, he said, it was very important that the gathered dry eggs, never in rain, if you wanted them to stay good.
I met my brother in Bodø, and we drove in terrible wind and rain the coastal road, and are now staying in a hotel in the small village of Ørnes. Hoping for better weather on Tuesday…
The Image: Taken at Røst a couple of days ago. 


4 Comments on “Travel Story 2012 – Day 7

  1. God tur videre! Minner igjen om viktigheten av respekt for fartsgrensene…

  2. Beautiful, moody photograph. Sorry about the rain, but I’m sure you remember what they said in Scotland: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes.

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