Travel Story 2012 – Day 4

Luckily, the hotel suddenly had one room available for one night! One worry less. And the same room that I had when I traveled here with my friends, Dallas and Liz, a few years ago.
Sun was shining on Friday, and went on doing so the whole day. But then I also had to change rooms, and instead got a whole apartment with two bedrooms and a full kitchen. On Saturday, I am moving back to the hotel again.
Driving around the island on Friday I met a lot of old friends. Bjørn Maaseide, his parents and children had already left on their boattrip to the north some days earlier. Bjørn (the famous beach volleyball player and organizer) was very happy to be “rescued” by a local, Steinar Greger, when he was searching for the main harbour. Steinar discovered that Bjørn was going into difficult waters and went out and led him to a safe haven. Bjørn was full of appraisal about Steinar, and told me they had spent a very nice day on this outermost island.
I saw Tove Andreassen, who is organizing the exhibition at the school during the Puffin Festival this weekend, and she said she wanted to have my book about Røst there, but did not have a sample. I had brought my own, and she will lay it out with a printed paper with the address to Blurb where people can order it. Good.
I washed my somewhat dirty car, and the two young boys who let me use their facilities at the neighboring fish factory were happy when I let them try out the MG in the near by area.
Now, dinner at the hotel and then TV and the European Championships in Athletics.
The image: I tried my new telezoom today, and got this unsharp image. I have to use a tripod using it!


2 Comments on “Travel Story 2012 – Day 4

  1. …paradis på jord! Var det ikke Per Fuggeli som sa han måtte til Røst for å treffe det ekte mennesket?
    Kos dere der ute – flytter utover til Røst i midten av august og skal jobbe der et års tid.
    Sommerlig hilsen fra Odd-Widar

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