Travel Story 2012 – Day 3

It was to be a very long day! Nice weather, but I kept the roof up because of threatening clouds. They fooled me. No rain. Over Saltfjellet with snow all around us. I had to get an image of the car, which has been running perfectly all the way. We arrived in Bodø where the ferry is leaving for to my island. Said farewell to my brother, who was going to stay there with an old acquaintance. Without having reserved ticket, I got on board the ferry named Røst. We had a very pleasant crossing, which is not always the case across Vestfjorden. If the wind is south west, you may have a rough sea at times.
However, on Thursdays the ferry does not go directly to Røst, but first crosses to Moskenes, then by Værøy before Røst. I arrived at Røst in Midnight sun at half past eleven.  Luckily for me, the hotel had one room available for one night, so on Friday I have to find another place to stay, since I had reservation at the hotel only from Saturday.


2 Comments on “Travel Story 2012 – Day 3

  1. I am getting out our map and the book you made, following your route and reliving our trip. And enjoying your new travel story. Hope you find somewhere to stay tonight! Liz

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