Travel story 2012 – day 1

On my way north – once more. This time I travel with my brother, who is visting old friends in Bodø. I will go a little further out in the great sea, to the island of Røst.
On our way we went through Rendalen, “reindeer valley”. For many years I have wanted to see the very farm where the name “Wardenær” was born, or should I say,”invented”. The name of the farm of Karl Karlsen, was named “Vardenær” by him when the state appointed him the guardian of a cairn on top of the nearest hill. Cairn is English for varde, which are stone constructions on hilltops, used to warn the next cairn that something, ie war, was threatening. The “varde” was then lit by the guardian.
The rest of the name, “nær” simply means near. So there you are; vardenær, near cairn, sometime changed to wardenær to look more important, perhaps.
We found Søndre Karlshaugen, aka Vardenær. Still very much intact, except for the main house. My image shows two of the farmhouses, old and leaning over.

I really enjoyed this visit. (The owner was not there, he lives in Oslo!)
And I beg you to excuse my bad English here. I was spoiled when I traveled to the Scottish Islands with Liz and Dallas Jones, and Dallas wrote wonderful texts. I wish he were writing this time as well…


3 Comments on “Travel story 2012 – day 1

  1. Har du opprinnelse fra Rendalen, Raymond?? – Mitt “store” sommersted i nesten alle barne- og ungdomsår….

  2. Sounds like you got a “twofer” (two for the price of one): you found the farm where your name originated and you got more photos of old “outhouses.”

  3. This sounds like a wonderful “spiritual” journey, back to your roots. How marvelous for you and your brother to share this trip. Linda

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