CISV reunion in Mosel

Once again, the large group that we now call “The Krekke Group” has now just ended another great around 40 people met in the small village of Enkirch in the Mosel valley. This in the middle of the Mosel wine area, and you will then know one of the pasttimes! Blessed with very nice weather almost all of the time, itv was a vwery successfull gathering, perfectly organized by Hinrich Fock (and I would also think that his wife, Barbro, contributed). John Smith added his experience to the meeting.
We will now try and present images from the event on one website. Also, some of us have been given the task to investigate the conditions on certain places in Europe that would accomodate the next meeting, in 2014.
The image here shows the joy of the participants when they meet the first day. To the right, the boss Hinrich, seems to like the situation. Far left Margareta “Maggan” Hansson, Sweden, Kristi Tenfjord, Norway, the back of Gustav Schildt, Finland and Anders Brundin, Finland. In the far back you can see the faces of Ute Hübner and Jürgen Hübner from Germany.


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